Your one small act of generosity and sacrifice can pull a child out of poverty and ignorance to give him/her a childhood to cherish.

NOWZUWAN Head Office

House# 95, Road# 03, Block# B,
Chandgaon R/A ,Chittagong-4212,Bangladesh.
T: +880(31)671 360
M: +880 1713 194350 & 52

Skype: nowzuwan (Official)

Contact Person
Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury (Chief Executive)
T:+880(31)671 360 M:+880 1713 1943 51 & +8801708874682
Skype: imam.nowzuwan

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+880(31)671 360




nowzuwan branch office

Core Program Office (Patiya) DISABILITY RESOURCES CENTER Khanmohana (Gate Ghar) Patiya-Boalkhalli Road,Patiya-4370,Chittagong, Bangladesh M: +880-1713 1943 55 & 880 1713 194356||
BRANCH OFFICE (HATHAZARI) Medical Gate,Hathazari ,Chittagong Mobile: 01713194360 (Micro-credit) Mobile: 01713194362 (Mobile Banking)
PROJECT OFFICE (RANGAMATI) Minoti Mansion,South Kalindipur Road,Rangamati Hill Disricts. Mobile: 01713194366
BRANCH OFFICE (CHAMBAL BAZAR) BANSKHALI Chambal Bazar,Banskhali,Chittagong Mobile:01730004282
BRANCH OFFICE (MIROSSHARI) CHITTAGONG Shaherkhali Vorer Bazar,Nizampur College Road,Mirosshari,Chittagong Mobile: 01730004285
INFORMATION OFFICER Imtiaz Khan Pathan Shiplu (Office Incharge) Officer (Monitoring & Evolution) M: +880 1713 1943 52 & +880 1911915977
BRANCH OFFICE (SATKANIA) Near of Fire Service Keranir Hat Raster Matha Satkania,Chittagong. Mobile: 01713194373 (Microcredit)
BRANCH OFFICE (NARAYON HAT/SOLAR PROGRAM) Faruk Market(First Floor), Narayonhat,Buzpur,Fatikchari,Chittagong. Mobile: 01713194370
BRANCH OFFICE (PEKUA) COX`S BAZAR Toytong Bazar, Pekua,Cox`s Bazar. Mobile: 01730004281
BRANCH OFFICE (GUNAGORI) BANSKHALI Khashmohal Road,Gunagori,Kalipur Union Banskhali Mobile: 01730004281
BRANCH OFFICE (PATIYA): Momata Residential Area Munsef Bazar,Patiya-4370 Mobile: 01713194363
BRANCH OFFICE (CHANDGAON CHITTAGONG) House#95, Block#B,Road# 03 Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong-4212 Mobile: 01713194365 (Micro-credit)
PROJECT /BRANCH OFFICE (RANGUNIA) Abagram Road,Ferighat,Chandraghona, Rangunia,Chittagong Mobile: 01713194366
BRANCH OFFICE (PEKUA) COX`S BAZAR Barobakia Bazar,Pekua, Cox`s Bazar Mobile: 01730004283/01713194370
ICS BRANCH OFFICE (RAWZAN) UNIT 1- Madarmagdia Bazar,Rawzan & UNIT 2- Alimiyahat,Rawzan
BRANCH OFFICE (KARNAFULLY) College Bazar,Kornofully Thana Patiya,Chittagong. Mobile: 01713194367
BRANCH OFFICE (NAZIRHAT) Zonkar Cinema Hall, Nazir Hat,Fatikchari,Chittagong. Mobile: 01713194374 (Micro-credit)
BRANCH OFFICE (COX`S BAZAR) 25, Nazir Building,Saimon Road,Baharchora, Cox`s Bazar. Mobile: 01713194366
BRANCH OFFICE (GUNAGORI) BANSKHALI Khashmohal Road,Gunagori,Kalipur Union Banskhali Mobile: 01730004281
ICS BRANCH OFFICE (LOHAGORA) Padua Bazar, Lohagora,Chittagong
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