1. Treasurer- Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB), Chittagong Chapter.

2. Member- Natural Fish Breeding Management Coordination Committee on Halda River (Chittagong) by the Fisheries & Livestock Ministry of Bangladesh Government.

3. Member- Chittagong District Forest & Environment Development Committee by the District Commissioner Office of Bangladesh Government.

4. Member- National Council of the Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), Dhaka.

5. Member- National Committee of the Jatiyo Nadi Rakkha Andolon (JNRA), Dhaka.

6. Member: National Tree Plantation fair and tree Plantation observation committee, Chittagong District DC office and Forest Department.

7. Member- District (Chittagong) and Upazila (Patiya) Level Taskforce Committee on Smoking and Tobacco Control Act Implementation by thy Ministry of Health & Family Planning of Bangladesh Government.

8. Member- Technical Recommendation Committee for Identification of Hill land slide and Disaster reduction, Chittagong.

9. Member-Management Committee of to Strengthen Hill in Chittagong by the Cabinet Ministry of Bangladesh Government.

10. Member- District Level Committee on Protect Human, Wealth, Dam, River and Infrastructure from Flood in Rainy Season by thy Ministry of Water Resources of Bangladesh Government.

11. Member: Task Force Committee member for Protecting Zatka (Hilsa Fish) by DFO-Chittagong.

12. Member: Pre Budget Planning Committee Member NGO representative organized by Ministry Of Planning And Finances Bangladesh.

13. Member- District Level Vigilance Committee on Encountering Natural Disaster by Over Rainfall and Rehabilitation by the Environment Department of Bangladesh Government.

14. Member- Upazila (Patiya) Level Taskforce Committee to Develop Condition of Prisoner Children & Adolescent by Social Services Department of Bangladesh Government.

15. Member- Steering Committee on Restoration of Natural Breeding Habitats of the Halda River by the Fisheries & Livestock Ministry of Bangladesh Government.

16. Member- Advisory Council of Patiya Upazila Health & Family Planning Complex.

17. Member- Town Coordination Committee (TLCC) of Patiya Municipal, Chittagong.

18. Advisor Member-As Advisor DRM-Disability Rights Movement, Chittagong.

19. Member-Organizing Member of Bangladesh Bank Organized Awareness on Money Laundering, Hundi prevention & Remittance transfer through Banking Channel and SME & Agriculture loan related Road Show 2010, Chittagong Committee.

20. Member: BLAST,Patiya