Psychosocial Resilience and Reinforcement Project for Bangladesh Rohingya Women


Psychosocial Resilience and Reinforcement Project for Bangladesh Rohingya Women.

Target area

Hakim Para Makeshift camp (Camp 14)

Bangladesh, Chittagong Division, Cox’s Bazar District, Ukhia Upazil,

Total Beneficiary:

-564 women in Hakim Para Camp

-60 women in the Rohingya Psychosocial Support Group

– 504 women of 84 Women’s Self-help group

Who are violence, anxiety, fear, family loss, stress, livelihood difficulties, and social discrimination.

Project need

Integrated approach is needed for supporting Rohingya single mothers and women in t refugee camp. They are continuously exposed to gender-based violence.

Strategy: PSS Supports


  1. Strengthen the psychosocial stability and create a protected environment for women
  2. Building social networks for women


1.1. Rohingya Women’s Psychosocial Support Group

1.2. Practice sessions for Rohingya Women’s Psychosocial Support Group

1.3. Regularly paid incentives for Rohingya Women’s Psychosocial Support Group

2.1 Organizing of women’s Women’s Self-help group

2.2. Visiting Women’s Self-help group and providing them with psychosocial support activities.

2.3. Distribution of pychosocial support package for 84 Women’s Self-help group

2.4. Establishment and operation of 1 women’s community space.


1.1 Train Rohingya Women’s Psychosocial Support Group

1.2 30 times practice sessions of Rohingya Women’s Psychosocial Support Group

1.3 Provide volunteer incentive per week for Rohingya Women’s Psychosocial Support Group

2.1 Organize 84 Women’s Self-help group.

2.2 840 visits to Women’s Self-help group by Women’s Psychosocial Support Group and provision of psychosocial support activities

2.3 Distribute psychosocial support package to 84 Women’s Self-help group

2.4 Build, install, and operate a women’s community space.

Project office (Coxs Bazar)

Ridwan-Raihan Manzil (1st Floor), Besides Laarpara Government Primary school and Near Bus Terminal, By-Pass Road,Kolatali, Cox’sbazar

Cell: 008801713-194352 and 0088-01713-194353



An earnest request to help to Empower Psycho-social Resilience and Reinforcement of Rohingya Refugee Women and Girls (who are tortured brutally) staying in Bangladesh

You know about one million Rohingya have taken shelter in Bangladesh. They have been driven away from their ancestral home in a planned way. Now everybody acknowledge that they have been the victim of a genocide carried out by the Myanmar government forces, Buddhist extremists, and Rakhine ethnic group. Majority of the refugees are women and children (70%) who are the victim of violent repression. Many of them have to see the killings of their dear ones in their own eyes. Many young girls and women are the victims of gang raped and brutal physical torture. There is no way to delete the awful memory, but we can soften there sufferings through empowering psycho-social resilience.

To address this problem Nowzuwan has been implementing a program for this target group titled “Psycho-social Resilience and Reinforcement Project for Rohingya Refugee Women in Bangladesh” with the funding support of Asian Dignity Initiative, a South Korean donor for a small number (1128) of target group in Camp 14 (Hakimpara).

Now, it has taken an initiative to expand this project (thousands of women and girls need this support) and has started a fundraising campaign through Global Giving (a USA based crowd-funding platform) to meet up the project cost from November 27, 2018.

The following is our campaign page link-
(To donate please click on the link)

We strongly believe that you can do a lot for this ill-fated Rohingya women and girls through making a donation (as per your capacity). Please remember, no amount is small for charity cause! It will be our great pleasure to see that you have been with these homeless, stateless Rohingya women and girls with your philanthropic zeal.

With thanks and regards,

Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury
Chief Executive