Working area

Patiya Upazilla


To develop poor community socio economically through imparting education.


# Development of syllabus for 8-10 years old boys and girls and giving 3 years primary education.

# Educational equipment making in unison with the demand fulfillment of poor boys and girls living in the villages.

# Improvement of rural primary education.

# In future people's participation in the primary education in National level.

# Device of equipments and strategy teachers for training of the primary teachers.

# To enhance opportunity for female education of the rural area.

# To manufacture Para professional teachers group in the society.

On Going Program

Non Formal Primary Education

Tuition Support

Advocacy & Awareness on Accessibility for CWDs ( Promoting Inclusive Education)

Total Beneficiaries:

Number of Beneficiaries 3130

Duration :

2000-at present

Financial & Technical support

# Directorate of Non-formal Education-DNFE


# Proshika / NAC

# BRAC ESP (current)

Completed Program

# Adult Education (Ukhia & Lama Upazilla)

# Non Formal Education (Patiya Upazilla )


# Due to poverty families are willing to send their children at work.

# Government policies also seems tough to continue a student

# Drop out ratio is uncertain


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