Mr. Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury

 Position: Chief Executive

 Education Qualification: B.Com (Hons.)M.Com in Management

 Duration: 1st September 2004 to Till Day


Job Responsibilities: Management Coordination, Networking & Communication, Monitoring


Mobile: 01713-194351 & 01711-329805


Mr. Ahmaed Ullah

Position: Coordinator (Finance)

Education Qualification: B.Com (Pass) M.Com

Duration: 1st March 2007 to Till Day

Job Responsibilities:  Enterprise,PF,General Fund,DRC,All Project & Program Accounts with ROOTS, Reporting & Bank Related Function.

Mobile: 01713-194353



  Mr. Zarzis M. Mobashwer

  Position: Coordinator (Enterprise & MFP)

  Education Qualification: B.A (Hons.) M.A in Philosophy, From Chittagong University

  Duration: 2007 to Till Continue


Job Responsibility : Solar Home System, Mobile Banking & Microcredit (Personal)|| (Official)

Mobile: 01713-194366 (Office) 01828-353385 (Personal)

   Mr. Zakir Hossain

  Position: Manager(Enterprise)

  Education Qualification: B.Sc (Pass)

  Duration: 10th April 2007 to Till Day

Job Responsibilities: Solar & Micro Credit  support with interlink with different Bank & Case.

Mobile:01713-194361 (Office) 018300949951 (Personal)


 Mr. Mohammad Anisuzzaman Khan

 Position: Manager (Enterprise)

 Education Qualification: B.A (Hons.) M.A in Media and Journalism

 Duration: October 2010 to Till Day


Job Responsibilities: Microcredit Manager (Hathazari Branch),Mobile Banking,Halda Project & Bangladesh Water Partnerships

Mobile:01713-194362 (Office)

 Mr. Anil Baran Das

 Position: Manager (Solar)

 Education Qualification: Diploma in Electronics Engineering 

 Duration: November 2012 to till day


Job Responsibility: Solar Program Planning, Management & Implementation 

Mobile: 01713194370 (Office) 01815344255 (Personal)

Email: (Office)


 Mr. Imtiaz Khan Pathan Shiplu

 Position: Officer (Monitoring & Evolution)

 Education Qualification: B.S.S (Pass)

 Duration: August 2008 to Till Day


Job Responsibilities: Monitoring (Program & Project),Admin(DRC),EC Related  Function,Mediator(Lilliane Fonds),HISG,Fund Raising & Local Knowledge Library(LKL)

Mobile:01713-194350 (Office) 01911915977 (Personal)


Ms.Nazmun Ara Khanam

Position:Assistant Officer (Finance ) & Gender Focal Person

Education Qualification: B.A(Pass)

Duration: 10th October 2006 to Continue

Job Responsibilities: General Fund, All Program & Project Accounts.


Mr. Kishor Kumar Dey

Position: Manager(Enterprise- Agriculture)

Education Qualification:  B.Com (Pass)

Duration: August 2006 to Till Continue

Job Responsibilities: Manager (Microfinance of Patiya),Agriculture Related Function and Grain Stores.





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