Civil Society Organizations Network Initiatives for Avian Influenza (AI)

Working area: Chittagong District (CCC)

 Aim:Provide information & Resource and coordinate the NGO Network for prevent the spread the Avian Influenza (H5N1 virus).


  1.  To prevent the spread of AI (H5N1 virus)
  2.  Information & Resource sharing.
  3.  To build a Network on AI & Develop a management strategy.

Target Group: Poultry farmers, Poultry market vendors & holders, NGOs, Villages

 Duration: From August, 2008 – at present


  1.  To Build a NGO Network
  2.  Providing Resources & maintain a resource center.
  3.  Information sharing and build-up a Info center.
  4.  Communicate & Coordinating the Risk and Management with Vendors/Poultry market holders.
  5.  Advocacy & Awareness programs; Workshop, Seminar, Rally etc

 Technical & Financial Support

  1. CARE-Bangladesh


  1.  Successfully completed orientation with 12 Poultry Farm, and 02 Market vendors.
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