Human Rights and Good Governance


Working area: Patiya Upazilla, Anwara Upazilla, Hatazari Upazilla, Rauzan Upazilla, Chittagong City Corporation,   CHT (Chittagong Hill Tracts)

 Aim:To ensure the human rights and strengthen the governing system for Organizations and Local community.


  1.  To ensure accountability and transparency in all activities of the organization and outside organization.
  2.  Participation and accountability in all matters of the organization and local problems
  3.  To strengthen the infrastructure of local government and service providers for the local communities.
  4.  To make the local government more accessible and ensure the services in a easy way.
  5.  To maintain a good relation and communication with both service providers and service givers and organization.
  6.  To promote the basic primary information of regular life
  7.  Ensure the fair and safe good governance practice movement.

Target Group:Organization staffs and stockholders, Local community, Local government offices, Service providing offices.

Beneficiaries: people of working area, stakeholders, Organization members 

 Duration: 1996- on going


  1.  Organization information accessibility and sharing policy with all level
  2.  Local government member orientation
  3.  Network buildup and information dissemination.
  4.  Workshop, seminar and rally.
  5.  Publication of bulletins, stickers, posters.
  6.  Service provide like, birth registration, data collection, agricultural information, safe food and hygiene etc.
  7.  Helping the local community to use and protect heritage and culture.
  8.  Election observation and monitoring of corruption in election.
  9. Success:
  10.  Organization policy of NOWZUWAN has established and prepares in a participatory way
  11.  People have become aware of the functions of local government
  12.  Local community is receiving services more easily than before.
  13.  Election Observation and monitoring: 4 National Elections.\, 11 local Government elections.

 Technical & Financial Support

  1.  BROTEE
  2.  Wave Foundation
  3.  CARE-Bangladesh
  4.  Bangladesh Government
  5.  CSDF/Steps
  6.  NOWZUWAN General Fund
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