• To Aware and Provide proper information towards community & young generation about the risk of HIV/AIDS and STD.
  • To aware the community about the destructive power of HIV/AIDS and STI.
  • To provide HIV/AIDS prevention Information
  • To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
Working Area
  • Chittagong City Corporation
  • Target People: Garments industries, Community area, Youth generation (15-41)
  • Duration: From August, 2007- at resent
  • Community based Video Show Program
  • Life Skill Training In Garments
  • Information Centre for Youth & Community
  • Advocacy & Awareness Program; Publication, Seminar, meeting etc
No. of Beneficiary
  • 8400 Person
On going Project
  • 904: Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS information in NGO activities; prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people in Bangladesh.
  • 912: Life Skill Education (LSE) and Video Show to aware young factory workers.
Financial & Technical Support
  • Ministry of Health & Family Planning
  • Save the Children -USA
  • YPSA Consortium (YPSA, HASAB, SKUS )
  • Padakhep Consortium
05 Garment Factory has come under Life skill training
Moe then 20 place and six different Concentration points Master Trainers and Counseling has provided Information and awareness supports


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