NOWZUWAN established in June 10, 1977 & According to the Constitution, it is mandated to implement development work all over Bangladesh. NOWZUWAN is registered as volunteer organization under various department of the Government of Bangladesh including the
  • 1) Social Welfare Department (Reg.No.: 818 Dated: 19/06/1980),
  • 2) Youth Development Department (Reg. No.: CHI-81, Dated: 29/01/1997),
  • 3) NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg No.: 1742, Dated: 03/10/2002 and Renewal-2009),
  • 4) Narcotics Control Department (Reg. No: DNC-0046, Dated: 16/05/05)
  • 5) Family Planning Department (Reg. No: 201/06 Dated: 30/03/06)
  • 6) Micro credit Regulator Authority (Registration No.: 01022-00629-00168 Dated: 16/03/2008)
  • 7)PADOR: Europe Aid ID BD-2009-GUQ-1308689216
  • 8) ADB :CMS Member No: 010820(20th October 2011)


Certificate of various department of the Government of Bangladesh
Certificate of Social Welfare DepartmentCertificate of Social Welfare DepartmentEnlarge or Download (JPEG 132 KB)
Certificate of Youth Development DepartmentCertificate of Youth Development DepartmentEnlarge or Download (JPEG)
Certificate NGO BuCertificate of NGO Affairs BureauEnlarge or Download (JPEG 73.5 KB)
Certificate of Narcotics Control DepartmentCertificate of Narcotics Control DepartmentEnlarge or Download (JPEG 119 KB)
Certificate of Family Planning DepartmentCertificate of Family Planning DepartmentEnlarge or Download (JPEG 115 KB)
Certificate of Micro credit Regulatory AuthorityCertificate of Micro credit Regulatory AuthorityEnlarge or Download (JPEG 87.6 KB)


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