ELFOS in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT)

Project Name:  Enforcement of Local Institutional Laws Focusing Public Awareness through Sustainable Good Governance Approach (ELFOS).

Project Duration:  21st October 2009 to 31st December 2012.

Funded by:       The Royal Danish Embassy.

Fund Allocated: 12450000 BDT.

Implemented by: NOWZUWAN, LNGO & ASHIKA, PNGO.

Project Working Area:

  • Rangamati Sadar Upazila
  • Naniarchar Upazila
  • Kawkhali Upazila


Improve transparency, accountability and responsiveness of the duty bearers in CHT for delivering basic services to the people.


  • Awareness of the people of CHT about relevant laws, rules and procedures for claiming the available rights and services enhanced.
  • Institutional capacity of the local government bodies strengthened.
  • Access to basic services improved in intervention areas through facilitating the coordination of the relevant institutions.


The primary stakeholder of the project are as follows:

  • Indigenous communities in selected upzaillas of Rangamati district
  • Traditional and elected local government leaders
  • Women
  • Youths
  • CBOs
  • CSOs
  • SPs
  • LGIs
  • Media persons
  • NGOs
  • Lawyers


  • Collection of relevant laws, rules and procedures for claiming the available rights and services;
  • Participatory training topics identification through workshops at district level;
  • Development of training manuals on identified focus topics such as i) good governance and basic rights; ii) state law, customary law and land issues iii) basic rights, customary law and state law;
  • Awareness campaign on focus topics through group discussion at union level
  • Organizing awareness raising events and workshops
  • Workshop on Land issues and Rules and Responsibilities for Traditional Leaders
  • Identification of potential training participants such as Headmen and Karbaris, CBOs, CSOs, NGOs, Media persons, SPs, LGIs.


  • Relevant laws, rules and procedures for claiming the available rights and services collated, published and disseminated.
  • Rights Based Approach (RBA) Training materials developed, updated and used.
  • Enhanced participation of community people at different level in CHT in the decision making process on the issues affecting their lives.
  • Performance of duty bearers increased as per Citizen Charter.
  • One information resource center functioning managed by PNGO.
  • Functioning capacity of CHT institutions increased at upazilla and district level.
  • A functional relationship increased at upazilla, district and regional level among institutions.

Download Project Report (PDF)

Download Final Evaluation Report (PDF)

Recommendation Letter – Danish embassy