Disability Resource Center (DRC) is a landmark of NOWZUWAN history. This great achievement    not acquire in a single day. It is a sign of  good commitment of  NOWZUWAN work in development arena which  farsighted impacts not only  in national but also in international arena in near future. In 1996 NOWZUWAN registered as Social Development organization and  in 1999 NOWZUWAN  start work in disability and development field as a pioneer non-government organization. In the long history of NOWZUWAN  have already recognized many more local, national and international organization and institutions. A large number of Population directly and indirectly  benefited  NOWZUWAN disability and development program. In 2009 Japan Embassy Financially Support  for Disability Resource Centered Development. This Disability  Resource Centre inaugurated 13thSeptember 2011.

Focusing on Disability and development program,NOWZUWAN is emphasizing on promote both need and rights implemented to reach MDG(Millennium Development Goal of PWDs).NOWZUWAN has provided the land and the Embassy of Japan has supported for the ground floor construction. Recently NOWZUWAN inaugurated ground floor of Five Storied Disability Resource Centre (DRC) in Patiya Upazialla of Chittagong District for the welfare and promote the services towards the persons with disabilities of south-east part of Chittagong district as well as division also.


Khanmohana Gate Ghor , South Bhurshi Union,Patiya,Chittagong.

Socio- economic development and to make sure the improved lifestyle and empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

# To create opportunities to develop the PWDs

# To promote rehabilitation and supports.

# To bring the backward society in a main stream  

# To expand education among PWDS

# To build a skilled PWDs society

# Emerging  leadership in PWDs

# Promote recreation & entertainment for PWDs

# To ensure a better life style for PWDs

# To  remove unemployment and achieve self employment in the society

# To provide contributions from all part of the society

# To develop future human resources as efficient and capable to coping with latest challenges


—# Information & Service Center

—# Well Planned & Organized service

—# Well Trained & Experienced Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist & Doctor.

—# Therapy service for Disabled Child and  Person.

—# Income generating based rehabilitation training and project.

—# Education, Entertainment and Cultural based service center.

—# Special treatment and therapy  service for Paralysis.

# —Special training facilities for non-disabled, poor and meritorious student.



 Offered Service and Facilities

# Therapy

# Outdoor

# Device Center

# Counseling

# Special Education

# Computer training

# Technical & handmade training

# Sewing & Boutique training

# Entertainment and Cultural Center

Who Get Service

# Autism

# Cerebral Palsy

# Down Syndrome

# Intellectual disability

# Physical Disability

# Polio myelitis

# Club feet

# Hearing problem

# Speech problem

# Osteoarthritis

# Rheumatic Arthritis

# Juvenile Rheumatic Arthritis

# Low Back pain

# Cervical Pain

# Thoracic Pain

# Knee pain

# Frozen Shoulder

# Muscles pain

# Sports injury rehabilitation

# Stroke

# Brain Injury

# Nerve In jury

# Hand Injury

# GBS (Gullen Barry Syndrome)

Computer Training

# Basic & Fundamental training

# Advance professional training

# Internet  & IT Service

Technical & Handmade Training

# Handmade Training

# Sewing & Boutiques training

# Beauty Parlor training

# —Education

—# Pre-primary  Education

—# Special training for ADL training,

# Sign  Language,

# Braille Education

Entertainment Center

—# Recreation Centre for Children

 # Cultural Center

—# Aim to mental enrichment, creativeness and locality buildup.

Local Knowledge Library

Aim to Leadership quality and young generation  development.

Network & Membership

Center for Disability in Development(CDD)-Year 2000
National Forum of With Disability(NFOWD)-Year 2002
Chittagong Society for the Disabled(CSD)-Year 2002
United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD)
Asia Pacific Disability Forum(APDF)-JAPAN(Applied) –Year 2012
Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD-Foundation)-Thailand, Year 2012

Program & Project

Disability & Development (Supported by Canadian CIDA)

Development of Recreation Center for Children Disability(Supported by South Hall Trust & ADD)

Construction of NOWZUWAN Disability Resources Center(For GF)-Supported by Japan Embassy.

Disability and Development Program going on Lilliane Fonds,Netherlands

Partner & Donors

Lilliane Fonds- Netherlands, CSDF/Steps Towards Development, Pubali Bank Ltd, Shahjalal Islamic Bank Ltd.,CDD ,NFOWD, National Foundation for Development of the Disabled Persons, International Association for Special Education-IASE,USA

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