Disability Resource Centre

Comprehensive package of Primary Health Care activities for disabled children in Patiya Upazila, Chittagong district.  

NOWZUWAN established a Disability Resource Centre (DRC) in 2001 in Patiya upazila of Chittagong district, which counts on a population of 528,120 people; 5,000 of whom are living with a disability according the Local Government disability survey 2017.
At the DRC, persons with disabilities and people with other mobility limitations are eligible to receive disability specific services including physical exercise and machine therapy, recreational and educational activities, and assistive device support. Moreover, the DRC provides a wide range of other services to persons with disabilities as well as the larger community including vocational trainings, tuition fees and stipend support, income generating activities, mental health support, self-help groups, and sports and entertainment activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The video is there