Working Area

  • Patiya Upazilla (22 Unions and a Municipality) under Chittagong City Corporation and Chittagong District of Bangladesh.


  • Socio economic development and empowerment of the disabled living in the project area


  • 1.Rehabilitation
  • 2.To remove poverty
  • 3.To create employment opportunity
  • 4.To create suitable environment of work for the disabled
  • 5.To train people with disabilities for income generating activities
  • 6.To create opportunity for education and medical treatment of the disabled
  • 7.To create suitable opportunity for movement of the PWDs
  • 8.To undertake extensive programs regarding awareness for prevention of disability

Target Group

  • People with Disabilities (PWDs) who do not have the access in the main stream of life, especially Children and Women.


  • From 2001- at present

Number of Beneficiary

  • No. of Beneficiary (direct): 488, (F=125 M=287 C=71)

On Going Programs

  • 1.DRC-Disability Resource Centre: Construction and Fund Raising. & Project activities will start within 2010.
  • 2.RecreationCenterfor CWDs
  • 3.Marketing of PWDs’ made products
  • 4.ROOTS-Self Help Organization, made of PWDs
  • 5.Self Help Organization for PWDs, in 06 union of Patiya.
  • 6.Physiotherapy for PWDs: Door to Door Program
  • 7.Non Formal Education for PWDs
  • 8.Inclusive Education for CWDs
  • 9.Scholarship for CWDs through tuition and material support.
  • 10.Income Generating and Loan &  Participation training for PWDs
  • 11.Donation/ Grant for Women & Adolescents with disability.
  • 12.IGA- Income Generating Activities for PWDs
  • 13.Volunteer placement program- National & International.
  • 14.Sports: NOWZUWAN has been arranging Annual Sports & Cultural  Day for CWDs  in November of each year  from the year 2005
  • 15.Networking and Advocacy Program.


  • 1.Disability Resource Centre- (DRC):Financial grant fromJapanEmbassy for Building Construction (1st floor) in 2009 March
  • 2.Self Help Organization-Self Employment Program
  • 3.ROOTS-Disable Self Help Organization
  • 4.Regular awareness meetings at School, College and Madrasha on disability issue 01 School each month..
  • 5.Till now 720 handicap/ PWDs have got rehabilitation therapy, wheel chair, spec tables, stretcher and provide service and treatment.
  • 6.Provided to PWDs sewing machines, embroidery equipments, small business facility to make them self reliant as I.G.A. support.
  • 7.Products made of PWDs have marketed, displayed by NOWZUWAN 
  • 8.Provided Scholarships as assistance to 25 CWDs and make sure of inclusive education for 03 CWDs students.
  • 9.Assistant Advocacy & Networking Officer of Disability & Development 10.Program, Jahan Ara Begum Hena was selected as a Resource Addresser at 11.National Conference for Disability arranged by NFOWD in 2008.
  • 12.Disability Resource Centre (DRC)-Grand opening 13th September, 2011 by Japan Ambassador and other renown persons.

Financial and Technical Partners

  • 1) Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  • 2) Liliane Fonds-Netherlands
  • 3) The Embassy of Japan
  • 4) National Disability Development Foundation
  • 5) NFOWD-National Forum of Working with Disabled.
  • 6) CSD-Chittagong Society for Disability.
  • 7)CDD-Centerfor Disability Development   
  • 8) IASE- International association for Special Education
  • 9) W F South Hall Trust

Future Activities for PWDs:

  • 1.DRC-Disable Resource Centre
  • 2.Self Help Organization-Expanding the project in 22 union and municipal area of Patiya,( formation of Disable Self Help Organization)
  • 3.Central MarketingEnterprisefor Self Help Organizations
  • 4.Pre-primarySchoolfor Hearing Impaired Children
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