Working Area

  • Patiya Upazilla, Anwara Upazilla and Chittagong City Corporation


  • To create awareness in the society about the importance to protect environment & the effect of climate change
  • To create awareness and prepare people about different natural disasters and management.


  • To create awareness and conscious in people minds about the climate change.
  • Ensuring the proper action on Climate Change & different natural disasters
  • To provide in formations & ideas about proper disaster management.
  •  Reduce risk at natural disaster


  • From 1991- on going

Target Group

  • People of Costal area, Hills, Earth Quack relevant Area, Rural & Urban Slum & residences, Flood Relevant area. Special emphases to PWDS, Women & Children and Old age people


  • Social Awareness programs
  • Costal & Social forestation
  •  Hill & Land Reform.
  • Pure water & sanitation support
  • Action to reduce air pollution and river safety
  • Orientation in Schools, Colleges and CBOs/Clubs
  • Meeting, Seminar, Workshop Arrangement
  • Local & Government level Advocacy & Networking on Disaster Management and Information system.
  • Technical & Financial Support on disaster
  • Relief and equipment support to the affected area
  • IGA loan support.
  • Management and Resource development.

No. of total Beneficiary

  • About 14,800

Highlight of Actions

  • Awareness raised in target area
  • All leaders of the committee given training.
  • Orientations have done with religious leaders (Imam, Monk and Ancestor) and in 15 school, college, madrasha students.
  • Relief and equipment support in Cyclones and flood affected area.
  • Forestation in hills, rive-side and costal areas..
  • NOWZUWAN is the only NGO representative in Chittagong Hill a7 Land slide Disaster Management Group

Technical financial supports

  • NOWZUWAN general fund
  • World Vision
  • Food for Hunger International(FHI)
  • Forest Department

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