Name of the Program: Children and Development


Working area: Chittagong city Corporation, Patiya Upazilla.

Aim:Promote a better future for the children of the society.

Concentration Pints:poor community villages, schools, Slum, street/waste recycling points                                                                                                                                                                                                       


  1.  Promote the education for all.
  2.  Develop the mental and physical strength.
  3.  Improve the conditions, provide rights to of opportunity.

Duration: 1998- on going.


  1.  Primary education support through NFPE.
  2.  Health promotional supports.
  3.  Vocational and capacity buildup training
  4.  Child birth registrations.
  5.  Day observations, promotional activities.

Beneficiary:05 Schools and more than 3000 children have received services.


  1.  World Hand washes Day- 2008, School promotional in Patiya Upazilla Govt. Primary Schools. Hand Wash Day awareness program in Municipal area primary schools.
  2.  Sports program in 015 NFPE schools in 2007,2008.
  3.  District Level Disable Chilsren Cultural and Sports day in 2007-08.
  4.  Child Birth Registration in Patiya Municipal and 09Unionof Patiya Upazilla.
  5.  Child rights based Cultural activities: : Zarigan, and stage show in Union Level and City Corporation.

Financial & Technical Support:

  1.  NOWZUWAN General Fund.
  2.  Family Planning and Child rights Department.
  3.  CSDF
  4.  Liliane Fonds-Netherlands
  5.  Down Forum


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