01. Amina has a Happy Family


NAME: AMINA AKHTAR AGE: 24 /F /married
Husband: Moyna Mia Mother: Sayla Khatun.
Address: Taltola, Haidgaon Union, Patiya
Type of Disability: Physical Disabled
Type of help: PRT, IGA
Year of help: From 2001
Current Status: Can move –walk and have three (3) cows in small dairy.
Amina was the 3rd daughter of her parents. She was physical disabled from her born. Her poor farmer father could not give her any special assistance she needed.NOWZUWAN in 2001 has started to give her PRT by NOWZUWAN CHDRP and also gave her training on sewing work. In 2002 and she got married with a trainer under the understanding of both their family. In 2005 NOWZUWAN provided her a cow with bulk, from IGA program of NOWZUWAN. Amina Begum is a proud mother of two beautiful children and living a comfortable life with her family.


Nurul Islam has become an icon


NAME: NURUL ISLAM AGE 32 / M /married.
Address: Haid gaon Union Patiya.
Type of Disability: Physical Disabled
Type of help: IGA
Year of help: 2003
Current Status: Self Employed
Nurul Islam was an YPWD when has come in touch with NOWZUWAN. His financial condition was not good; he was living hand to mouth.NOWZUWAN has provided him training on sewing work and gave a plan, how to operate a small scale shop in 2003.In 2004, he has started to work in a sewing centre provided by NOWZUWAN.In 2006, Nurul Islam has got IGA Loan from NOWZUWAN.IGA loan is a special program for PWDs where PWDs can get loan in a very low interest.Nurul Islam is now a proud owner of a mobile call centre.
Nurul Islam is thanking the Almighty to help him and motivating all other YPWDs toCome out and join NOWZUWAN IGA program.


A Cleaved Lip Operation Can Create Conjugal Binding


NAME: Khursida Begum Age: 18 / f
Father: Ramijuddin Mother: Rousan Ara
Address Azimpur, East of Patiya.
Type of Disability: Cleaved Lip
Type of help: Operation/Surgery
Year of help: 2004
Current Status: Married
Khorsida was born with cleaved lip. It was a disaster for her lower middle class family. As she was living in village, it become a daily routine that she was a bad luck and negligence of society peole.But it become harsh when all her marriage proposals has become unsuccessful due to her lips.NOWZUWAN after getting this poor sad news, decided to help her out.NOWZUWAN arranged a surgery at Chittagong Maa O Sishu Hospital of her cleaved lips.After haviing the surgery she was so delighted and her family was so grateful that could not say a word.Next year Khorsida got married with an emigrant young man.


Noyon is Going Out


Name: NOYON SORDAR Age: 09yr / M
Address: Sordar Para, Dholghat Union , Patiya.
Type of Disability: Hearing and Physical Impaired
Type of help: PRT, Assistive device-Hearing Aid, School facility and Tuition fees
Current Status: He can balance himself, can listen and school going child
Year of help: From 2006
Sabu and Srity got married in the year 1995.In 1999;Srity gave birth of a son. It was great news for them but all their happiness became dust when they found their new child is a disabled child.As they are not capable of expenses, young child NOYON was not getting any extra care.In 2006, NOWZUWAN team has identified him while he was passing idol times in home. Noyon, that tine, was not in a school He never could follow the school atmosphere.NOWZUWAN had decided to rehabilitee him. From March ’06, Noyon has started to get PRT services by NOWZUWAN CHDRP. Same year he was provided a Hearing aid from NOWZUWAN. Next year, he was included in a non-Formal Primary Education School of NOWZUWAN.NOWZUWAN is promoting him PRT, School facility. And Tutor along with tuition fees.Sabu and Srity are very happy and say,” My son is going school with other kids and playing, atleast moving with others. It is a great view for us.”

Alvee’s Mother has a Hope Now


Father: Abdul Mabud Mother: Rokeya Begum
Address: Post office, Patiya Municipality, Patiya.
Type of Disability: Cerebral Palsy
Type of Assistance: PRT, Assistive Device-Corner Chair
Current status: Can balance his head and fold his legs
Year of help: From 2007


Alvee is he eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. Mabut. As mabut a carpenter in profession, it was very difficult for him to maintain the cost of his Alvee’s treatment Realizing this factor NOWZUWAN Disability and Development Program has started to give Alvee PRT services from2007.Now, Alvee can move his legs and balance his head by his own self. NOWZUWAN has provided a Corner Chair to Alvee in 2008.Alvee’s mother Rokeya has a hope about the future of her child and wishing that within next few years Alvee will join a school.


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