Working area:

Patiya Upazilla, Chittagong City Corporation


To build up Tobacco & Drug free society.


To aware people about the bad effect of using Tobacco.

To prevent people from taking intoxicating drugs.

To make people realize demerits & ensure safe use.

To create more tobacco & drug free environment

Ensure the Anti tobacco & Drug law implementation.


Youth, social elite, communities, industrial workers & slum living people..


Awareness Program against Tobacco & Tobacco made products

School, College orientation

Network establishment on Anti-tobacco movement

Anti-drug using promotional among street worker & garments.

Tobacco Law implementation

Day celebrations

No. of Beneficiary:

10,000 Person


From 2002- on going

 Technical & Financial support:

WBB Trust.



In eight school, collage, and Madrasha orientation course has completed.

Stickers and leaflet published.

07 Workshops on Anti-Tobacco Movement & Law Implementation has done

02 Billboard and a Moving Van ( Riksha) on Tobacco law Awarenes

To arrange road show.



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