Name of the Program: Adolescent and Development


Working area: South BhursiUnion of Patiya Upazilla, Word-04 & Word-05 of Chittagong City Corporation

Aim:To create a platform & promote development supports to the Adolescents.

Target Group: Students, Adolescent group, especially age 09-17

Objectives & Activities:

  1.  Provide supports to achieve & develop the mental & physical changes on Adolescent period
  2.  Promote Health Knowledge
  3.  Develop the capacity & develop leadership
  4.  Involve he age group in voluntary action, rights & social welfare
  5.  Advocacy in Government level to establish a Separate department for Adolescent. .

Duration: From 2006- on going

Beneficiaries: 120 Teenagers (Direct), Through School- 1500 Students.

Financial & Technical Support:

  1.  Action Aid
  2.  Network of Adolescent Development Forum
  3.  NOWZUWAN Int. Volunteer Placement Program
  4.  NOWZUWAN General Fund


  1.  We have special success on Eve teasing free campus in Sanowara High School and Useful School, Mohora.
  2.  02 Adolescent groups have developed. Each team has 25 members,
  3.  Koishor Mancha has participated in National Congress of Adolescent
  4.  Koishor Mancha Has stopped three Early marriage & Two dowry involved
  5.  Capacity Buildingon Life Skill Training about HIV Prevention.
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