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Before a human child takes birth, it has to go through an ordeal of difficult time, within the safe haven of mother’s womb, when its hands, legs, eyes, nose, ears and other limbs grow until they give it the shape of a man. And at this crucial stage of embryonic development the child announces its arrival into the world with a shrinking sound of excitement. In the family horoscope though the day of delivery is recorded as the date of birth of a child, i.e. beginning of life; this very beginning has, in fact, an aspect of beginning which determines the future nature and direction of life. Now, looking with bewildering eyes, at NOWZUWAN beaming with youthfulness, we reminisce of the days, past 35 years when NOWZUWAN, yet to be formally recognized, like an unborn child, fired our imagination in building a bright and beautiful future.

Back in the year 1977 a group of young energetic people of Dengapara of Patiya Upazila felt distressed at the backwardness of their birth place in the field of education, culture, literature, sports and many other frontiers of life.

The dream of the youthful boys and their commitment to the humanity saw its fulfillment in the creation of NOWZUWNA on 10th July, the same year. Initially, though its activities were confined into sports, culture and literature soon the organizers would come to realize that without taking up income generating programs bringing change in the economic condition of the wretchedly poor people, development in other sectors of society is simply impossible. To give effect to the realization, the committee meeting in its unanimous resolution incorporated economic and social development into its programs. Further, the organization extended its area of operation to include Chittagong, Cox`sBazar, Ranagmati, Khagrachari Bandarban & Feni. NOWZUWAN Club that started as a social development organization is now one of the leading NGOs of the country. NOWZUWAN`s being recognized as a first ranking NGO is not accredited to its officers and staffs alone. It`s a pride that must be shared by all our donors, workers, members, well-wishers, advisers and above all,  the country men who are sympathetic to us and to our cause.

As, rivers in its onward march to the sea erodes the bank at some places and deposit mud at other, as life has its up and down, organizational activities also once gain momentum and then degenerates into inaction. NOWZUWAN is no exception to this universal law of nature.

The organization that flowed in full vigor and enthusiasm in 1977, its tide was on ebb in 1988, ten years having passed in between. As the organization began to suffer from inertia much alike the boat grounded in sands, there came up a band of self-determined, fearless people as rescuer of the sinking wreck with Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury, an educated, intelligent, honest young man committed to the welfare of man, motherland & society as the leader of the team. Under his able leadership NOWZUWAN, literally means freshly young, showed-up again in full strength and energy.

The year 1990 witnessed a lackadaisical approach on the part of the organizers who once were so active in keeping the wheel of the organization moving. This short living temporary lethargy may be attributed to the college and university going students having to devote themselves in taking preparation for exams. Not much time went wasted and we saw in 19992 the selfsame youths jumping into work with an aim to finish the task left unfinished two years earlier. This time, they taking lessons from practical work experience extended membership to people from all social strata, educated, half-educated, uneducated men and women which gave the movement a new dimension. The new strategy paid its dividends and in a short span of time grass-root people peasantry, labor and marginalized class joined the movement. Truly speaking, NOWZUWAN made a new start from this episode.

Making way through vicissitudes of experience made up of wrong and right, change, amendment, addition NOWZUWAN, in the year 1996, got itself associated with worldwide NGO programs of poverty alleviation, democratization, climate change, environmental movement, protection and preservation of rivers, oceans, hills, forests, air and water. In addition to these NOWZUWAN takes delight in participating in the movement for empowerment of women, education for all, information rights of citizens etc. With the increase in variety and volume of works along with the expansion of operational area, NOWZUWAN establishes relation with mother organizations. In continuance of this relation, MS. Lintey, an International volunteer, Holland persuaded by YPSA, BWCA, extended economic assistance to our organization. The contribution made by MS. Lintey encouraged and inspired us so much so that we immediately got relived of distress and disappointment taking hold of us so long. It is really the stepping stone on the path to our success. We remember those organizations and great souls with honor and gratitude which and who in our difficult times extended their unbridled help and cooperation to us.

Our words of appreciation will prove unwarranted and incomplete if we do not mention here the name of Mr. Shirajul Islam Chowdhury, Ex-MP from Patiya, but for whose generous help and proper guidance NOWZUWAN would have scarcely survived. . Under lying registration of NOWZUWAN is his power and personality which he exercised in its fullest capacity to the benefit of NOWZUWAN.

In Conclusion, we would like to quote a few words from an immortal poem “we, none of us have come here, to keep ourselves busy with personal gain. All of us are for the good of each and each is for the welfare of all.

Meaning of NOWZUWAN

The meaning of NOWZUWAN is Young Hero. It refers young people who bring sustainable change combating injustice and illiteracy by challenging structural underpinning of underdevelopment.

Organizational Category

NOWZUWAN is a local, non-political, non-profitable and non-Government Development Organization.


Establishing a society based on Justice and opportunities for all.


Taking initiative in developing underprivileged Children, Adolescents, Women and Poverty stricken people, ensuring participation and leadership of youths and disabled people in all development activities and to give it organizational shape.

Core Values

Sincerity, Mutual Respect & Commitment, Team Spirit, Human Development and Rights