Skill development and vocational training to fight against the economic crisis due to COVID-19

The opportunity of jobs, business and ways of income have all been affected for the host community of Cox’s Bazar due to Rohingya influx. Also, the cost of living has risen for local communities. COVID- 19 pandemic furthered the situation worse. Host community people lost their jobs and ways of earning, and they are suffering from severe financial problem. On the other hand, the lack of opportunities for vocational training keeps people unskilled and unemployed in this specific area.

To fight against the economic crisis due to pandemic, an individual should be skilled enough so that companies can hire him/her just because they have all the requisite skills to speed up their delivery process or they can produce to generate income.

To support and ensure the financial security of the affected host community due to pandemic NOWZUWAN initiated a skill development and vocational training program by the support of ADRA Germany. NOWZUWAN will provide one, and a half month long sewing training to 34 men and women started from August 20, 2020. We targeted floating sex workers, third gender and day labours as our beneficiaries. Honourable Executive Officer of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazilla was present in the inauguration ceremony, and he appreciated the program.

After the training NOWZUWAN will donate sewing machines to some of the potential but needy beneficiaries. This program will help to bring a sustainable solution to the economic crisis and achieve the goal of the government.

On the other hand, NOWZUWAN is distributing food packages to the affected population especially the marginalized population of Cox’s Bazar like day labours and small/floating businessmen, sex workers, physically challenged population and third gender community. They have no earning in last couple of months. Many people do not have enough food in their house. Till date NOZUWAN has distributed food packages to 417 families targeting more than 600 families.

NOWZUWAN will continue to initiate such activities in future as well.