NOWZUWAN is a local, non-political, non-profitable and non-Government Development Organization. The meaning of NOWZUWAN is Brave Hero. It points towards those strong youth in the movement for required solution of the condition with justice and noble works.

Vision: Establishing a society based on Justice and opportunities for all.

Mission: Taking initiative in developing underprivileged children, adolescents, women and poverty stricken people, ensuring participation and leadership of youths and disabled people in all development activities and to give it organizational shape.


Youth is capable of presenting a beautiful society and nice country by removing all the social obstacles. One good example is a group of youth in a village of DENGAPARA of Patiya Upazila under the Chittagong District. The people of DENGAPARA village were neglected and deprived of their basic rights such as education, food, cloth, shelter and medical etc. In order to gain those rights, NOWZUWAN to start path as a NOWZUWAN Club in 1977 by the endeavor of ambitious youths, whose activities were limited within various sports and literature. In 1992, it started economic & social development activities along with continuing sports and literature activities, with the name NOWZUWAN Social Development Organizations. At present, the development activities of NOWZUWAN Club have been expanded from DENGAPARA village to various Upazila of Chittagong District & Chittagong City Cooperation. NOWZUWAN is now purely a Non-Governmental-Organization. It has Governmental approval in 1980, with the help of former M.P. and its founder member Mr. Sirajul Islam Chowdhury. Although it was established at 1977, due to recruitment of its founding members, its activities had been paused for few years. Later on, some youths of DENGAPARA village took the responsibility of this organization in 1988.

In 1988 Present General Secretary (Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury) to involve NOWZUWAN at his student life period. At that time it had a constitution and only one office. Since the members were too occupied with college studies, its activities were again suspended in 1990. In 1992, these members gathered all the ambitious youth at DENGAPARA to be involved in the organization, and they also made a request to all the honorable persons to support their activities. Thus with the involvement of all, it restarted its activities and NOWZUWAN has been implementing its various development activities ever since.

In 1996, to achieve the objective to positively change the condition of socio-economic situation and pauperization & removal of the poverty from grass-root level, they discussed among themselves and agreed for the amendment of the constitution and to change its name from West DENGAPARA NOWZUWAN Club to the name of NOWZUWAN (An Organization of Social Development) and attempted to work in a larger scale.

Establishment & Legal Status

NOWZUWAN established in June 10, 1977 at Patiya Upazilla & According to the Constitution, it is mandated to implement development work all over Bangladesh. NOWZUWAN is registered as social development organization under various departments of the Government of Bangladesh.




Registration Number



Social Welfare Department Reg. No: 818 19/06/1980
Youth Development Department Reg. No: CHI-81 29/01/1997
NGO Affairs Bureau Reg. No: 1742 03/10/2002 & Renew:11/10/09
Narcotics Control Department Reg. No: DNC-0046 16/05/2005
Family Planning Department Reg. No: 201/06 30/03/2006
Micro Credit Regulatory Authority Reg. No: 01022-00629-00168 16/03/2008
PADOR Europe Aid ID BD-2009-GUQ-1308689216
ADB CMS Member No: 010820 (20th October 2011)


Major On-going Program / Projects






1) Disability & Development

2) HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention

3) Food Security &  Consumer Rights

4) Water & Sanitation

5) Anti Tobacco & Drug

6) Family Planning Services

7) Nutrition


1) Social Forestation (Tree plantation)

2) Save the Halda and


Karnafully River

3) Climate Change

4) Disaster Management

5) Solid Waste Management & Composting


Education & Social Justice


Youth and Voluntarism

1) Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE)

2) Children and Development

3) Gender & Development

4) Adolescent & Development

5) Human Rights &  Good Governance

1) Youth &  Development

2) International Volunteer Placement

3) Local Knowledge Library(LKL)


Income Generating


Agriculture and Land Rights


1) Microfinance



1) Vegetable and crops

2) Fisheries and Livestock


Head Office 
House # 62, Road # 03, Block # B, Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong–4212,

Bangladesh Tel: +88-031-671 360 Cell: +88-01713-194 350 +88-01713-194 352


Contact Person
Mohammad Imam Hossain Chowdhury

Chief Executive (CE) Cell: +88-01713-194 351 +88-01711-329 805 E-mail:1. imamorg@hotmail.com